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Sprinter Van Key Fob

Introducing our latest service at Sprinter Service & Repair - key replacement and recovery! Our expert mechanics in the workshop are now equipped to duplicate keys or restore lost ones, ensuring that you have a reliable set of keys for your Sprinter. Trust our skilled professionals to handle all your key-related needs. 

Please note that all prices online are approximate and subject to change. For precise quotes and inquiries, feel free to give us a call.

Sprinter Service redlands Vista San Diego key fob.png
Sprinter Service redlands Vista San Diego key fob van.png

Key Duplication and Lock Repair Services for Your Sprinter Van

Lock Core Repair

Starting from $300, may vary depending on the extent of physical damage, additional parts from $90 may be required.


Fob Key Duplication with Buttons

Chip 46: $400

Chip 7936: $700


Key Duplication without Buttons

First Key: $300

Second and Subsequent Keys: $200 each


Lost Key Replacement with FOB and Buttons

Takes 2-3 days: $900 (for the second key, refer to the prices above depending on the chip type)


Lost Key Replacement regular without Buttons

Completed within one day: $500

Second and Subsequent Keys: $200 each

Get in Touch

Just call and receive a free inspection and a small gift.

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